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Humane Society Legislative Fund Launches Petition and Ad: Tell Shri Thanedar, No More Animal Cruelty

WASHINGTON (August 3, 2018)—Today the Humane Society Legislative Fund, the nation’s leading political advocacy organization for animal welfare, released an ad highlighting the alleged neglect of animals at a testing facility once owned by Shri Thanedar.

"This ad speaks for itself," said Sara Amundson, president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund. "Michiganders who care about animals should know that monkeys and dogs were not provided basic humane care in this case of alleged neglect. We need to ensure that animal cruelty is taken seriously, and we applaud the organizations that stepped in to give these animals a second chance.”

Thanedar reportedly continued this neglect by fighting efforts to place the dogs and monkeys into sanctuaries. Using the care and custody of animals to "make a point" in a legal proceeding is inhumane and unjust.

The Humane Society Legislative Fund invited citizens shocked by this cruelty to sign a petition at


"The animals' caretakers had reportedly climbed fences to provide food and water until more solid arrangements were made." -- USA Today: Pet Talk: Rescuing 118 test-lab beagles is a labor of dog love (7/13/2010)

“I lost a business, my home, cars. I had a real Ferrari and a Rolls Royce Phantom,” he said. His $6.5 million Ladue mansion, with its in-home theater that could seat 150, went to foreclosure. -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Shri Thanedar succeeds in St. Louis, fails, then rises again in Michigan (12/30/2016)

"About 170 dogs and monkeys were rescued in 2010 from an abandoned pharmaceutical testing lab owned by Shri Thanedar, a Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate currently leading in the polls." -- Huffpost: Over 100 Dogs And Monkeys Were Rescued From Michigan Democrat’s Shuttered Company (4/25/2018)

"A top Democratic contender in the Michigan governor's race fought to sell off more than 100 animals at a shuttered pharmaceutical testing facility he owned, court records show, contradicting his account of events that culminated in the neglected animals' rescue." -- Huffpost: Michigan Gov. Candidate Delayed Rescue Of Animals He Claims He Tried To Save (4/28/2018)

“In June 2010, lawyers for Thanedar sought to block a motion by the receiver to have the lab’s dogs and monkeys placed in ‘animal sanctuaries for no compensation.’ His lawyers argued ‘the value of the animals could have a range of between $189,000 and $445,000. The Motion does not indicate whether Receiver has taken any action to sell the animals (i.e. to another testing facility) for the benefit of the creditors.’ Three weeks later, the bankruptcy judge ordered the animals placed in sanctuaries. The order noted that the objection to the motion by Thanedar’s attorneys had been withdrawn." -- Bridge: Truth Squad: Shri Thanedar deflects blame for dire stories on lab animals (5/24/2018)



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