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Humane Society Legislative Fund Endorses Ted Lieu for Congress

WASHINGTON (March 26, 2014) – The Humane Society Legislative Fund, the nation’s leading political advocacy organization for animal welfare, announces its endorsement of State Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., for election in the 33rd Congressional District of California. Citing his strong support of animal protection policies, HSLF urges 33rd District voters to support Ted Lieu.

“Ted Lieu has shown strong and consistent leadership in the California State Senate for animal protection issues, in particular authoring a bill that successfully banned the cruel practice of hounding,” said Sara Amundson, executive director of HSLF. “We urge California voters who care about the humane treatment of animals to support Ted Lieu.”

In 2013, Ted Lieu supported legislation to:

  • Restrict certain trapping methods and promote non-lethal options for mountain lion removal (AB 789, AB 1213, and SB 132). These bills were signed into law.
  • Require that hunters use non-lead ammunition, to prevent the toxic poisoning of more than 130 species of wildlife (AB 711). This bill was signed into law.
  • Promote the development of dog parks (AB 265). This bill was signed into law.
  • Protect pets, including restrictions on the sale of live animals at swap meets and flea markets (AB 339).

Lieu also signed a letter opposing the radical and overreaching King Amendment in the federal Farm Bill and a letter supporting restrictions on the sale of rodenticides.

In 2012, Ted Lieu authored a bill to ban the cruel practice of hounding bears and bobcats (SB 1221). This bill was signed into law.

He also supported legislation to:

  • Reform of state fish and wildlife management processes (AB 2402). This bill was signed into law.
  • Improve the Fish and Game Commission appointments and business practices (AB 2609). This bill was signed into law.
  • Protect pets and wildlife from dangers associated with trapping methods (SB 1480).
  • Prohibit landlords from requiring that cats be declawed or dogs be devocalized as a condition of tenancy (SB 1229). This bill was signed into law.
  • Increase penalties for animal fighting (SB 1145). This bill was signed into law.

In 2011, Lieu supported legislation to:

  • Increase fines and add cockfighting to the profiteering statue (SB 425). This bill was signed into law.
  • Define repeat animal fighting as a nuisance and allow the eviction of tenants convicted of these activities (SB 426). This bill was signed into law.
  • Require released shelter animals to be microchipped (SB 702). This bill was vetoed by the governor.
  • Ban sales of animals in parking lots and along roadsides, and increase animal neglect penalties (SB 917). This bill was signed into law.
  • Create a uniform mechanism for rabies vaccination exemptions for a dog based on a veterinarian advice (SB 258). This bill was signed into law.
  • Reauthorize income tax check-off for the Municipal Shelter Spay-Neuter Fund (AB 564). This bill was signed into law.
  • Amend the Penal Code to prohibit criminals convicted of animal cruelty from owning animals for a specified period of time after their conviction (AB 1117). This bill was vetoed by the governor.
  • Authorize puppy provision licensing, to address barriers and improve funding for animal care/control activities (AB 1121). This bill was signed into law.

In 2010, Lieu:

  • Co-authored a bill to require that shell eggs sold in the state come from hens that have enough space to turn around and stretch their wings (AB 1437). This bill was signed into law.
  • Co-authored a bill that required any garment including any animal fur to be labeled with the species and country of origin (AB 1656).
  • Authored a bill that increased penalties for those convicted of felony animal neglect (AB 2012).
  • Supported a bill that required clearer price and coverage disclosures by insurers (AB 2411).
  • Supported a bill that Protects tenants from being forced by landlords into unnecessary surgery on their pets (AB 2743)
  • Opposed a bill that would have allowed the import and sale of any part or product of kangaroos by extending the sunset provision in the existing law (SB 1345).
  • Supported federal legislation to protect American horses from slaughter for human consumption (SJR 22). This resolution was passed.

California’s 33rd Congressional District has been represented for 40 years by retiring Rep. Henry Waxman, who has always been one of the leading advocates for animal protection in Congress.

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