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Humane Society Legislative Fund endorses Sen. Peter Courtney in Primary for Oregon’s 11th Senate District

WASHINGTON (May 01, 2018) —Today the Humane Society Legislative Fund, the nation’s leading political advocacy organization for animal welfare, announced its endorsement of Peter Courtney in the Democratic Party primary for Oregon’s 11th Senate District.

"As Senate President, Peter Courtney has been a critical ally in bringing pro-animal bills for a vote," said Sara Amundson, president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund. "The Humane Society Legislative Fund is pleased to support Senator Peter Courtney, and voters in the 11th District who care about the humane treatment of animals should back his re-election."

Among his efforts in the Oregon Senate, Sen. Courtney voted for:


  • H.B. 2625, allowing authorities to seek ownership of all animals seized in animal crime cases.
  • H.B. 2732, allowing private citizen to break into a vehicle to rescue a child or domestic animal.
  • H.B. 2883, increasing penalties for guides and outfitters who violate wildlife laws.
  • H.B. 3177, allowing the seizure of chicks and hens (along with roosters) to enforce the cockfighting ban.
  • H.B. 3283, increasing penalties for animal neglect and strengthening protection for pet parrots.


  • H.B. 4046, increasing penalties for poaching.


  • H.B. 2693, increasing penalties for sexual abuse of an animal and making it a crime to possess visual depictions of sexual abuse of an animal.
  • H.B. 2694, allowing state social workers to report to law enforcement animal abuse and neglect they see on the job and providing limited immunity from civil liability for such reports.
  • H.B. 2888, adding to a list of statutory nuisances a property where animal abuse or neglect is occurring and allowing private citizens to sue to abate the nuisance.
  • S.B. 4, expanding the definition of “animal rescue entity,” subject to licensing and inspection, to include entities with animals housed in different locations.
  • S.B. 175, continuing increased penalties for certain egregious wildlife crimes, including poaching to sell animal parts.
  • S.B. 614, authorizing law enforcement to enter a vehicle and take custody of an animal to prevent abuse or neglect.
  • S.B.913, would have prohibited trade within Oregon of ivory, rhino horns and certain other animal parts to help reduce poaching in other countries.

Laws like these have helped to make Oregon a standout among other states in the nation on animal welfare laws.

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