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Pets & Cruelty
Caged cat

Americans spend about $60 billion on pets annually—a sign of just how important our four-legged friends are in our lives. Dogs, cats and other pets deserve protections from cruelty and abuse.

We work to stop abusive puppy mills, large-scale breeding facilities that keep animals in tiny cages often with no medical care or human interaction. We also work to crack down on spectators who attend dogfights and cockfights, along with those who expose children to these cruel spectacles.

dog meat cageEnd the dog and cat meat trade!

Around 30 million dogs and untold numbers of cats are subjected to the brutal dog and cat meat industry globally every year. The Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act, H.R. 1406, would amend the federal Animal Welfare Act to prohibit domestic slaughter, trade, and import/export of dogs and cats for human consumption, and establish penalties for violators.