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Caged Chimpanzee

We're working to pass legislation to decrease and eventually end the use of animals in testing and research by promoting the development of innovative and effective alternative methods.

More About Animals in Research
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Protections for animals raised for food is more important than ever. Federal legislation, such as the Egg Products Inspection Act, is important to ensure that all animals raised for food are treated humanely with minimum standards of care.

More About Farm Animals
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Wild animals face serious threats on many fronts. State and federal legislation is often needed to protect endangered species.

More About Wildlife
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Horses are iconic animals who have helped Americans in many ways since the earliest days of our nation's history. But these beautiful creatures face many threats.

More About Equines
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Americans spend about $60 billion on pets annually—a sign of just how important our four-legged friends are in our lives. Dogs, cats and other pets deserve protections from cruelty and abuse.

More About Pets & Cruelty
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